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Serving girls

It is no secret that the people of Africa are among the poorest on the planet. Difficult economic situation of the countries of the Black continent and the lack of understanding of the value of every individual to lead an immoral life. Things like violence against women and girls (physical or sexual) are often the norm in society. Moreover, women and girls who are unable to feed themselves, (because of the lack of an elementary school education), are forced to sell their bodies.

This generation of women grows continuously. Women who live in conditions of constant sexual violence and, worst of all, – it becomes the norm for their children. The new generation sees the status quo as the natural and nothing to be desired in my life does not expect.
Our goal – to create a program for the rehabilitation of girls, survivors of sexual violence, and, in the process of rehabilitation work on the healing of mind, body and soul. At the same time, we want to teach them job skills through which they can earn money and support themselves later in life. This will help have hope for a better future, instead of a trade in despair.

The rehabilitation period, we plan to conduct training courses seamstresses, parallel with this opening sewing shop where after rehabilitation we’ll be able to arrange everyone to work.

Our task – not only heal their hearts, teach proper spiritual and moral principles, but also change the lifestyle of these girls.

Each of you can become a part of the ministry of rehabilitation:
  • If you are a teacher on this subject, we teach;
  • Come and help practically in the rehabilitation process;
  • Keep in prayer the new ministry;
  • Participate in the financial rehabilitation of a girl.


Provide financial support for one child

Children's stories - Jenifa Omondi
22 August, 2017

Children's stories - Jenifa Omondi

Jenifa came to us when she was 12 years old, together with her younger brother William, in 2016. A couple of weeks before she came to us, she was raped by a man from another village. About this we got to know when she has already lived some time in the…