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Ministering to street children

In Kenya, a huge number of street children, children living on the street. Some of them are orphans, but Most of – the kids run away for various reasons, from the house.

Our ministry is concentrated in the poorest areas of the city of Kisumu, where there are homeless wandering kids. We will arrange for these childern Bible program, where they learn writing in a form accessible to them. At our meetings we feed street children a hearty dinner, treat wounds and abrasions.

Our goal – to return as many children back to their families, through the consultation of parents and pastoral work with children themselves. And we believe in change and transformation of the lives of these children through a personal encounter with God


Provide financial support for the street children

Kenyan street kids: there is a hope!
04 November, 2017

Kenyan street kids: there is a hope!

We have been making hot meals for street kids in Kenyan city of Kisumu for 6 months. A local man named Zadok helps us at this ministry. Zadok is one of the first graduates of the “Transforming Africa” missionary school. Nowadays he is in charge of “Street…
06 May, 2016

Man must help those, whom he has decided to help

Director of transforming Africa mission, Mike Reznik, was sharing about the ministry to orphans, explaining the transition of self-financing, as well as the mentality of Africans.
31 March, 2016

The first month behind

March was a difficult month, as it was the first month of full operation of our children's home after the grand opening. Today, a homely atmosphere reigns in the orphanage.