The team, led by Mike Reznik, has been working in Kenya for almost two years. This ministry team is made up of volunteers from different countries, united by one vision; to serve together in order to transform the African society.

During those two years, pastors, youth leaders, Sunday school teachers and others who had a love and passion for Jesus and Africa attended, and 78 students graduated from Transforming Africa Missionary School. 23 of those graduates are serving at the mission field right now. Currently, Transforming Africa is focusing to reach isolated tribes of northeast Kenya, where 90% of population is Muslim.

Presently, we have two orphanages. The orphanage for the girls is called Island of Hope and the orphanage for the boys is named Island of Dream. At this time our ministry is providing for 39 children ages 4 through 13, who came to us from the poorest areas of Kenya. Sadly, some of the children have AIDS. What a joy it is to see the kids growing older in the safe and positive environment of those orphanages. During those two years we have had the privilege of witnessing some kids starting school for the first time and trying their best at school. It is always a delight to see that the children are so interested in Bible classes, learning the Bible and trying to live according to it. For the most part, all the children are getting along well, with the older children helping the younger ones, assisting with cleaning and washing the dishes.

On April 3rd, 2017, we have started building the first phase of our children’s complex, called the Island of Grace. This is in Kakamega, Kenya on the land that was generously donated to the ministry. Island of Grace will have several buildings and will be able to house 96 children. On July 10th, the first building was completed and … kids were moved in. Also a well was built as a source of clean water for our children. At the same time we built a farm, where we now breed chickens, rabbits, pigs, quails, and turkeys. Because of the farm, we have fresh meat and eggs for the children.

In our ministry to the street children, we are able to provide 50 meals, five times a week. Most of the children have had a very hard life. Many of those children we meet are addicted to sniffing glue to get high and escape reality. By providing those meals and telling them about the love of Jesus, we have a chance to develop friendships with them, and have positive influence on their future.


A big thank you to everyone who supports and prays for us! Transforming Africa is not only the team currently serving in Kenya, but everyone who contributes by participating though prayer and finances into lives of Kenyans!