The first construction works of the complex are began, designed for 96 orphans.

Throughout 2016 we were planning to buy a land for building an orphanage for several hundred children, and a great miracle has happened - on May 28, 2016 local bishop blessed us with the land in the city of Kakamega.

After obtaining a state approval for legal documents related to construction, "Transforming Africa" has begun the

first small construction work - well was built which will provide us with clean water.


After long months of waiting and searching finances, the construction of the first part of the children's complex

"Island of Grace" has begun on April 3, 2017 .


The foundation of the first building has been laid. 


The construction of the first building still is in process. We are planning to finish all construction of the first

 building designed for 24 children at the end of August.


Parallel is constructing the farm, so we'll be able to  have fresh meat and eggs for our children. 


After construction of the orphanage "Island of Grace", 96 orphans of Kenya will find a new home-family.

We would like to thank everyone for participating and supporting this project!

You can take participate in the construction of a complex for orphans by donation. You can find out all the

information on our website: The project of the construction of orphanage in Kakamega.

Any amount of support will help to change the fates of particular children.

Mykhaylo Reznik

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