They can smile, and be sad as well. They don’t shy to be filmed – they are sincere and emotional. They don’t ask for attention and pity. You will want to help them. But there are a lot of them – hungry, dirty, and badly groomed.

They are not familiar with the term of “family”. They grow as weeds besides the roads – they may be trampled, or uprooted. Or they will be left on their own. But what will wait them ahead – pain, humiliation, illnesses, degradation. It cannot be different. It’s their lives.


African kids… Their pain was so strong that it was heard in the different parts of the world. So the mission of “Transforming Africa” was founded. Hearty people were so penetrated by the problem of the kids that their primary task has become to build orphanages for those who need a shelter and care.

I heard of this, and now have become a witness of the noble work of “Transforming Africa”.

The mission has opened two orphanages in Kisumu, and there the children are receiving the thing they have never had – love and warmness of people, care, food, and good conditions of living.

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There are 39 boys and girls at the orphanages. They are so sweet. The first thing I noticed was their big smiles and glowing eyes. But just recently their eyes reflected pain. This change was possible because of the people who are filled with the fire of God’s love and are eager to transform consciousness of growing African generation.

When I arrived to the orphanages it seemed that all kids had the same face. I was worried how I would differentiate them. But it has come fast. Every child is an individual with the huge potential and perspectives for the future. Everyone’s book of life is already written. It is vitally important that their names will be written in the eternal Book of life too! It is a task of “Transforming Africa” team. The kids learn literacy, and are inoculated Christian values.

The smallest learn to work. They do all work with happiness. You can meet them at their farm where chickens, quails, turkeys, and pigs are bred. They diligently make their duties at the kitchen, wash dishes.

Besides that guys from “Transforming Africa” try to develop their various skills. It is their study, and creativeness. I was continually amazed how beautifully they sing and dance. When you look at them, it is possible to see future designers, hairdressers, and painters. My hair was plaited beautifully. One of the boys, named Jorge, learns Russian and has a good level in it.

Every one of the children has huge potential. Maybe once they have received the things they never had before, they will keep it as precious. The missionary team works to grow the treasure that is in kids’ hearts.


These kids are different. They think as adults. They are very independent. Their eyes show that they have grown so early. Each one of the children went through difficulties. Each one has a life story. I want to believe when they are grown, they would have their own real families, and the seeds of love grow too and will bring decent fruits. Then, they will join the work the mission does. They will continue transforming Africa. It cannot be otherwise. It’s their country, and is their territory of life. May the Lord help them in this!


Svyatoslava Chervinskaya