The “Transforming Africa” mission has started its work in Kenya, Kisumu, a year ago, on October, 4th 2015.

It all has started from one person, named Mike Reznik that has had a vision and a huge desire to see changed lives. It is a joy to see that his vision has already its fruit. Someone’s dream to have own home is fulfilled, another person’s dream to be loved is fulfilled too. Someone has had a dream not to be hungry, another one has dreamed of studying at school and to find their life calling. Many dreams have come true in 1 year!


We founded a missionary school for local Christian. The study began on February, 2, 2016. The graduation took its place on July, 16th, 2016. It was the first graduation in the history of Kenyan Pentecostal Movement. 32 students were graduated, and 15 of them are now at the mission fields. On October, 3, the second group of students will start their study. We are expecting about 50 students. The main focus of the missionary school is reaching unreached people groups, included the tribes inhabiting north-eastern Kenya with the Muslim population of 90%.

On February, 19th, 2016, we got the official registration of our ministry to orphans in Kisumu, Kenya.



On February, 29th, 2016, the first orphanage called “Island of Hope” was officially opened. It was a joy after all tiring building and repairing work and preparing all documents. Now we are taking care of 20 kids with the age of 3-11. They are from the poorest Kenyan areas, some of them have AIDS. The children have found their new home thanks to social services and local police.

The oldest kids take care of the youngest and also help the nurse who lives with them. They have a schedule of cleaning rooms and washing dishes. After school they have bonus classes of English, math, and dance classes. As all kids while having free time they play. Before going to sleep they listen to Bible stories and pray. Also they attend Sunday school at church.


In spite of being so young, each of our children has their own sad life experience. But their changed lives inspire us to continue ministering to orphans.

We had planned to buy land for building an orphanage for a few hundreds of children, and God made a miracle! On May, 28th, 2016, a local bishop gifted us the land! We made a building plan and prepared all documents for building a complex made for 222 children. There is a well that is already built at the land. The approximate date to finish all work is the end of 2017, but it would be possible just in case stable financing.


We don’t want to stop at this. Now we have already rented a new building for the second orphanage named “Island of Dream”. The repairing work there is already finished. It is the building for 24 orphans. Official opening of the orphanage will happen on the day of founding our mission, October, 4th of 2016.


We have started a small farm, and the last few months we have been working on developing it. We have bought chickens, rabbits, sows, and quails. Also we bought an incubator, so our chickens and quails started to multiply. We work at our farm, and our kids help us. Till the end of 2017, we are planning to support ourselves thanks to our farm.


On August, 25th, 2016, we started a ministry called “Street Kids”. There are about 10 000 street children in Kisumu. Now we are able to distribute hot meals to kids 5 times per week. It is an opportunity to develop friendship with those boys and girls, and to affect their spiritual condition. We want this project to be developed into the rehabilitation center where their lives would be transformed.


At the beginning we didn’t have a team, we had only a vision. But that vision started to unite different people, and for a year our team has grown up to 45 people. These people are missionaries and volunteers from different countries of the world who agreed to work together in order to transform the society. Now we have coworkers who represent our ministry in the USA, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

The time went so fast, and now we celebrate our first anniversary – 1 year of “Transforming Africa” mission. Our joy is not only about this first jubilee, but about our everyday life and ministry, when we see these little ones to find hope again. And, the main important, these children are aware of Heavenly Father’s love towards them now.

You can be part of our team and participate into the children’s lives too. Come to ministry here, pray for us, support an orphan financially, or become our represent in your area.