For the first time in Ukraine, SAGA offers you a Social Tour to Kenya

If you want to help the children of Africa, to see how their life really tricks, to teach them something useful and interesting, to popularize help to the children of Africa in Ukraine and among your friends - then you must be in our team.

For whom this tour:

For people who would like to join to the help for children in Africa, namely - an orphanage for children - orphans of Kenya. Currently, 40 children live there. Now an orphanage for 96 children is in process of construction in Kakamega, Kenya.



To see another Africa, non - tourist, to see the life of African children from the inside, to bring your knowledge and skills and share with children, spend time with them, teach them something interesting, what you know, revaluation of values and many other interesting emotions that only Africa can open.


Approximate cost of the tour: from $ 500 + Flight from $ 600.

1. Apartment rental near the orphanage, $ 200. For the period of stay up to 1 month. (The price for one place in an apartment)

2. Rent of the car or motorcycle to move around - auto $ 40 per day, motorbike - 50 cents trip to one side

3. Food - about $ 100 per week

By your wish - a trip to the safari in the savannah, from $ 150. Depending on the number of people, and ordered trasport for this number of people.


This money you do not pay here - you give it directly in the place for your expenses. More precisely, we can say, as we get know, the number of people who will want on a certain date.

Your guarantee of participation in the tour will be your redeemed flight, for the beginning booked, which allows us for a while to fix the tariff for you.

Of course you can continue the tour by relaxing on the beach of Mombasa, Zanzibar, there are lots of options, and a social tour can only be a part of your trip. (We will calculate on request).

Important terms of the tour:

You take only hand luggage, or hand luggage and quite a bit of luggage, so we could pass humanitarian assistance to the children of Kenya. Standard luggage that is included in your ticket: hand luggage (7-10 kg - in practice, no one weighs) + 23 kg of luggage (although we need 15 kg of them for transfering humanitarian assistance to the children)

The best variant - the airline KLM - there are 2 luggages of 23 kg.


ALSO !!! You take another $ 200 with you to donate to the orphanage (construction, purchase of products there, etc.) - this is also indispensable condition of this tour.

If you do not have the opportunity to go, but you are a fan of these children - you can always transfer your help to our office, it can be clothes, shoes, toys, school supplies, etc. Your help will be transferred as soon as possible. For example, in July, we managed to collect and transfer 90 kg of things with two tourists. Please, contact directly the director of the company "SAGA" Alina Rudanets.

If you are interested this offer, you can get all the necessary information and contact the director of the travel company "SAGA" by following this link:

Social tour to Kenya, FIRST IN UKRAINE