Now at this time the house is silent, it seems so unusual after a noisy gathering of about 20 children. In the house where the staff and our two youngest children - Laban and Tyre, they have not yet enrolled in school. But they go at our heels around the house.


Our children – early birds, they wake up at 6 or 6:30 in the morning, because they need to gather in the school. They are quite easy to get up, though sometimes they get slightly irritated and stay in bed, but for them it is a great privilege – to go to school, not every Kenyan child can afford it. After recovery there are a number of mandatory procedures: wash, brush your teeth to clean up the bed, and get dressed. Hygiene is taken in a special place, we teach our children to look after themselves and be sure to wash hands thoroughly, especially before eating, because most diseases in Africa are caused by improper personal hygiene.

At 7:00 the children sit down to breakfast. For breakfast today, milk tea and mandazi - these are local donuts, kids love them. After breakfast, before going to school, children go outside, join hands and pray together, blessing the day and each other. It is a good tradition of a great liking to them. At 7.30 the children go to school, to there they go 20 minutes. At 8.00 classes start.

At home at this time the house is silent, it seems so unusual after a noisy gathering of about 20 children. In the house where the staff and our two youngest children – Laban and Tyre, they have not yet enrolled in school. But they go at our heels around the house, they are very quiet and cute kids. While the children are at school, it is necessary to clean up the house and kids laundry.


Today – Tuesday, which means today we purchase products in the local market – entertainment not for the faint of heart, especially if you have to buy fruits and vegetables for the whole week for about 20 people. Thank God, we already know the market and so the people don’t haggle up the price, because it is usually done when they see white people. We love the market, because we buy large volumes and we even made friends there, who now suggest where better to take these or other products. Purchase we pack all the bags, we pack into tuks-tuks (three-wheeled scooter with a booth) and thats how we get to the children's home.

By this time, children are beginning to return home from school for lunch. Today for lunch we have bean soup and chapati (flat bread is local). After lunch, the older children have to go back to school, so we eat on schedule. At 13.00, washing their hands thoroughly with soap and water, and having had a prayer of thanksgiving, children have lunch.


Afternoon classes at school starts at 14.00, given that to get to school it takes 20 minutes, the kids do not hesitate and immediately after eating go back to school. Now the house there are still a number of small children who attend lower grades and do not go back to school in the afternoon. They stay at home, so they are washed and sent to anafternoon nap.

At 16.00 - 16.30 the older children return home. A little rested, all the kids, even the youngest wash their socks and school shoes to polish, so that tomorrow morning everything was in perfect condition. We are committed to them from childhood accustomed to look after themselves and be neat. After completing this daily duty, someone accepted for the lessons, some clean, some clean up in the yard: in general, all going about their business.


And then the kids have free time, they chase the ball, and ride on the swing, run, read books (they usually just look at the picture because the book is in English and not all can yet read it) Today the boys played "pantomime" when they need to show the hidden word so that it became clear what it is. The kids really liked this game, at first hesitated to show the objects and animals. We like to see the kids open up and not be so closed off, such games, except that they are very funny, develop imagination and liberating.

Children dining at 19.30, today's menu and ugali skumavika (this traditional African cuisine, to compare with something difficult, you have to try) After dinner, the kids in accordance with responsibilities help wash the dishes and start to get ready for bed: wash, brush their teeth.

At 20.30 the traditional biblical story of the night. All the kids are going to the game room, sit comfortably and listen to an interesting story from the life of biblical characters. Then kids memorize one verse of Scripture and, of course, make a joint prayer before going to bed, thank God for the last day and pray for their needs. And every child can take turns to pray, but for now it can only be solved for older children.

And at 21.00 we hang in the children's home "Island of Hope" silence. Not immediately of course, children are children, and they have about an hour can not calm down, the toilet without end leaves, the water they need to drink, laugh, talk. In the end, tired of stormy day takes its toll and then the peaceful snore children nozzles calming effect on all who were fortunate enough to witness and participate another happy day, as many already have experienced so much in their lives.