For the first time in Ukraine, SAGA offers you a Social Tour to Kenya

If you want to help the children of Africa, to see how their life really tricks, to teach them something useful and interesting, to popularize help to the children of Africa in Ukraine and among your friends - then you must be in our team.

Bible Camp "Good News", which took place on the basis of the Vladivostok Christian Presbyterian Church August 30-31, held an event in support of the Christian mission "Transformation Africa".

For the first time our children were in the pool. Children experienced inexpressible emotions, fear and happiness. Also children have visited for the first time playground. They were given a delicious lunch at the end of the games. Simple french fries was the most delicious of what children ate in the life.

The vacation of our children has come to an end, the new semester will begin soon. But on vacation, we came off to the full! Our missionaries had a week at the children's camp. Together with the children they played, master, engaged in English and mathematics, danced, watched cartoons, and drew. The children were taught to trust in God, be kind to neighbors, sharing candy with the neighborhood children, and learned many Bible stories.

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