Jenifa came to us when she was 12 years old, together with her younger brother William, in 2016. A couple of weeks before she came to us, she was raped by a man from another village. About this we got to know when she has already lived some time in the orphanage. These memories are very painful for her, and she does not like to talk about it.

Her father died in 2014, her mother is still alive, but she is disabled. Jenife is one of several children whom we took, who has one of the parents. That's how it was. We heard about a disabled woman with six children. When we visited their house, we were shocked ... Mother got over a polio, the lower part of her body is not working ... Lack of the wheelchair - she crawls on the ground on her hands ... Seeing this picture, we decided to take Jenifa and her younger brother to our orphanage.


Jenifa is an active and emotional girl, it's easy to offend her by saying something wrong, but she also quickly forgives. Jenifa is hardworking, she often helps us in the household and in caring for younger children. At home, she usually cooked food, washed the dishes. And she was also collecting firewood, chopping and selling it. This girl tried to earn at least a little money for food. They usually eat sukumaviku and corn porridge, they drank tea without sugar, and sometimes, when there was no money, they have not eaten at all. She slept on the floor, on a large sack.


Now, a year later, as Jenifa lives with us in the orphanage "Island of Hope", we see her gradually changing - she began to smile much more, although at first she was sad and gloomy. Nevertheless, she has uneasy character. Her past life left an imprint. We believe that with God's help we can give her hope for a better future and a good education so that she can take care of her mother, whom she loves very much.