The region of Marsabit is one of the least reached (preaching of the Gospel) regions of Kenya. It is in that region, in the village of Logo-Logo, serves our graduate Joshua Bule.

In June with a group of guests, we visited this region. On the way to the desert, the wheels of the car got a flat tire three times. It was a later time when it happened the third time, and we had no opportunity to fix the wheel. This region is famous for the fact that the tribes are fighting among themselves for livestock and many of them have weapons, so we were feared an attack to robbe us. But God arranged all, the driver was able to find the wheel in the nearest village so we reached our destination late in the evening.


The next morning we met believers, the pastor Joshua immediately showed us the land that was given to them by the local community for the construction of the church. While we passed through the village, we were surprised at the incomparability of the standard of living and the level of joy of local people! There is no any question about some benefits of civilization, not even the question of electricity, and even about the Internet. People live in houses that are made of brushwood and covered with bags or paper. The house occupies about three square meters, parents and children live on the floor, each family has more than four children. Inside the same house there are several stones, people light up the fire between them and prepare the food.


Despite all the bitterness, people smile and know how to be content with life. The church, which is going under a tree, joyfully glorified the Lord with hymns.


 We are glad to we see how churches are planting in such regions. You can join and become a part of the process of building a church. The communities of this region have already collected $ 2000 for the construction of a house of prayer, lacks another $ 5000. Be a part of this service, and come to the opening of the church in 2018 year!

Mike Reznik