The second graduation at “Transforming Africa” missionary school happened in December, 9th, 2016.

The study had started in October, 3d and was taking place through 3 months. That time we had 39 students included 1 bishop, 7 pastors, 4 pastors’ helpers, 7 youth leaders, 4 missionaries, 1 women’s ministry leader, 1 Bible teacher, and other ministers. While the ceremony was taking place the graduates were given diplomas.

“Now we are preparing to have about 100-150 students the next study year. The number of missionaries working at different places is growing. Thanks to everyone who supports students and missionaries”, said “Transforming Africa” director Mike Reznik.

P. S. The first graduation of “Transforming Africa” mission school happened in July, 19th, 2016. It was the first graduation for the Kenyan Pentecostal Union as well. The first study year 32 of the students were graduated, 15 of them are at mission fields now.