July 19 , we released our first set of students from the missionary school. In October we'll begin training the second class of students.

Before the first graduation of the missionary school we met with all of the board of Pentecostal Kenya association in an airport. In the process and preparation for the discharge reached the historic agreement on the publication was first in Kenya missionary magazine, which is 100% financed by the Kenyan church.

The main idea and the dream - to motivate Kenyans to active missionary work in Kenya, since there are still 27 more unreached tribes. 

The person that actually motivated me to start the work in "Transforming Africa", and now live in Africa. Was the Bishop of Kenya Pentecostal churches. He was the first who motivated me to start a new ministry.

Graduation began.

Beside me, my assistant at the missionary school, she was once a resident Chervonograd (Ukraine, Lviv region.). Once upon a time, thanks to me, she met her husband – a Kenyan. And they now are with us in Africa and our helping transform it!

And that is it, 32 students have graduated and are now waiting for practical results. They dispersed in more than 10 regions of Kenya and two other countries!

For 15 of the students we have full financial support, but for the other half of students we have not yet found the support of $ 25 per month per student. If you wish to support, contact us.