Anyone who has been to Kenya, felt Rich, and not because we are rich. It was because of our white skin, that indigenous Africans treat us as though we are rich.

Africans expect us to give them money. Why?

The reason is simple - decades of white missionaries arriving to Kenya with the generous hearts, handing out food, clothing, and other necessities. Africans have been trained to expect it.

Some of my fellow Africans do not hesitate to say white people are perceived to be stupid.
Our kindness is easily taken advantage of as we assumedly believe in their goodness.

Rather then to teach them to work, to train them towards a profession, it's easier to just hand something out.

We spoiled Africans. White missionaries spoiled Africans. We have made them even more lazy, and even more dependent on our kindness.

The elders of Kenya recall what Kenya was like 60 years ago, and are horrified with what has become, what has happened with the people?

Missionaries, before doing good deeds, should consider and analyze, determining what will be a great support to the community.

No doubt that missionaries come with good intentions and a good heart, but we must be practical and pragmatic in seeking to do good deeds.

In Ukraine, we do not hand out money to anyone on the street, because we understand that it's a big business. So what's the difference with Africa? Simply the fact that we do not know their people and tend to believe everything, though we shouldn't. It's not worth it