I will not talk about self-evident reasons, such as calling or God's commission, this is already all so clear. There are seven other good reasons to become a missionary for a few months or even for a couple of years.

1. Expanding your worldview

Even if you consider yourself a person with a broad worldview, believe me, having lived for a while on a mission surrounded by a foreign culture you will see that this is not so. Your outlook will stretch and will try to squeeze in something that you do not understand and do not want to understand, much less accept. But nevertheless, when you broaden your worldview, it will bring more freedom and you will learn to see the essence of things and people. Not stumbling over the external, unimportant, and secondary.

2. Acquiring new skills and maybe a profession

Do not say that you came to work exclusively with children! You cannot sit on the sidelines and master a new profession. As a rule, there aren’t enough people on the team and one person has to play several roles at once. Versatility, so to speak,. Have you ever built a cage for chickens and rabbits? No? You will learn build! You don’t understand documents and accounting? You will have to study this sphere as well. As they say, Google to help. At a minimum, you will learn how to cook, because there is no servant for the mission and each member of the team prepares in turn.

3. Spiritual growth

Where would we be without it? We are all Christians. When a person starts to serve, and not just to consume, he grows spiritually. If you are on a mission, then growth occurs more intensively at times. All this is because there is no one here and not enough time to feed you from the spoon with trivial truths. You have to get food for yourself, even scrape the bottom of the barrel sometimes. There are so many different situations, interesting people, and new challenges. You start to grow, or... but it's not about that. Asking for answers from God, you begin to trust Him more, and understand yourself and others.

4. New friends and Acquaintances

The list of your contacts will include people living on different continents and cover dozens or even hundreds of countries (I'm not even talking about the local population, among whom many friends and acquaintances will appear). You yourself will wonder how many friends you have around the world. It happens that a person you personally do not know, in life have not seen, and only friends on Facebook quite unexpectedly help you out in difficult circumstances. Regular meetings will occur not only virtually, but also in the real world. You will have meetings and communication with interesting people from different countries, living here or coming for a short time. The missionaries here are a community, which has its own secret code of honor and mutual assistance.

5. Revaluation of values

Do you think that you live badly or hard? Do you have a terrible boss, government, neighbor, or you can’t afford to go on vacation this year? With living here even a couple of weeks, comes the realization of how happy we are and how much we actually have. You have water and a shower in the house, there is electricity and a fridge, and most likely you know what to cook for dinner. Even when faced with the disease, poverty, illiteracy of the local population, you see that the local people are not depressed, but can still rejoice for what they have. You start to understand that things that seemed important to you aren’t really that important.

6. Stories

You will stock up stories for a few years for sure, if not for the rest of your life. They will be stories you tell your grandchildren sitting by the fireplace or perhaps write a book. Adventures on the mission are guaranteed! Of course they do not happen every day because there is a lot of routine work but you will gain much knowledge from the way of life of the local people. You will also have many occasions to glorify God, since you can’t do without miracles on a mission.

7. Giving, receiving joy and satisfaction

You will see how the destinies of people are changing, maybe not so much and often as you would like, but, unequivocally; you will witness several permanently and irrevocably changed fates. And this will irrevocably transform your own life.