March was a difficult month, as it was the first month of full operation of our children's home after the grand opening. Today, a homely atmosphere reigns in the orphanage.

The children become friendlier with every passing day. The older children take care of the younger and help our nanny. They have chores that they perform which include cleaning their rooms and washing their clothes.

It's been two weeks now of half of our children having exams in school. Our nanny engages with children's school studies, helping them with English and mathematics. Galya spends time teaching dance lessons to the children, as she is a choreographer.

In their spare time, just as all children do, the they enjoy spending time playing outside on the swing. Before going to sleep, the children enjoy listening to Bible stories and pray together. On the last day of the week, our kids attend a local church's Sunday school class.

In March, many of our children had malaria. Praise God, they currently are all healthy and taking multivitamins to strengthen their immune system.

Thank you for all your prayers and support!