Every one of us dreams, or, at least, dreamed before… While years are passing by, we have become adults – logical and correct, and our dreams have been losing their meaning, because they seem unreal.

 All of us have a different dream, but it seems to me each one that got to know God dreamed of close relationship with the Heavenly Father. I remember when I accepted Christ, it was more than 20 years ago, I was dreaming. I was dreaming a lot. I dreamed of a deep relationship with the Father that I would have daily.

When years went by my intention to have such close relationship with God started fading. I began to look for justification for not having deep focus on God, as the most of us. I did find my justification. I started telling that my life success was in my faith. No one could estimate and measure the deepness of my faith. This faith was as justification of my spiritual inertness.

While I was getting older, the closeness to the Father was becoming as a far away dream to me. Now when I look back and think of my life, I understand that all things like Christian strategy, logic, rules, life politic and good behavior are not enough. WE NEED TO BE CLOSE WITH THE FATHER!!!

The Father didn’t lie when He recommended us to stay as kids, those kids who would be dreaming of daily close relationship with Him, not just during feasts and conferences.

What has happened with us? What has happened with me???

How I want to be back to the childhood… I desire to be close to the Father when no one knows or see this, but you do know that you are with Him! Then you would smile at yourself like a crazy man, enjoying your closeness with God, with the One you sincere love and cherish with all your heart.

Mike Reznik, director of “Transforming Africa” mission