Last time I am disturbed with plenty of thoughts that cause me to analysis myself, - what has happened at the past and what is going on now.

In fact, I grew up at church, from my childhood I knew about God and heard of Him a lot. With the years passing by, something has been changed in my Christianity, and a question arose in my mind, “Do I believe in God?”

While searching an answer, and knowing myself pretty well, it was easy to me to see my skepticism to all supernatural – miracles and other spiritual manifestations. So there is a question that came to my mind, “Where is my faith in God? Does it really exist?” Maybe my faith is just what was left from my upbringing, my past spiritual experience of God, plus a set of religious tradition and ceremonies? It is true that when you have been attending church more than 30 years, it will have its trace onto your life, and it will be hard to ignore such an experience.

So what is the foundation of my faith?

My faith in God, if it exists, put Him into the cage where I tell Him what He can do, and what He cannot, what is important, and what is not… There was a moment when my faith started telling God that all supernatural is not important nowadays. And I began telling myself that I believed in God, but in the One who is limited by my own faith.

And the question is rising again, “Do I believe in God?” The thing I call as my personal faith is really faith? Or my faith is a cage that limits the Creator in my life? I believe in God, but this faith gives me a right treat supernatural as a fantastic fairy tale that never will come alive.
Do we, Christians, “believe”, but truly NOT believe? We continue attending church, kind of believing in God, we continue praying, asking for healing, miracles etc, but in fact we do not believe. We stopped believing in God who makes wonders and signs, stopped believing in the One who makes supernatural things in us and through us.

Don’t you feel in the depth of your heart, that God in whom you believe, walks supernaturally, but not in your life. Maybe it is hard to admit, but you do know that you have set God into the cage. In fact you stopped believing Him, and all what is left are your memories where God was big and mighty, making supernatural.

Surely you may have explanations and logical reason, why God is in the cage of your faith. We are smart people with knowledge and experience, so we find such explanations.

Nowadays we have been transformed into living corpses, we are sort of alive, but there is no life inside of us.

It is time to believe, and it is time to return faith into our lives!

It is time to let God go from the cage we call “our faith”.

Mike Reznik, director of “Transforming Africa”