For the first time in Ukraine, SAGA offers you a Social Tour to Kenya

If you want to help the children of Africa, to see how their life really tricks, to teach them something useful and interesting, to popularize help to the children of Africa in Ukraine and among your friends - then you must be in our team.

The region of Marsabit is one of the least reached (preaching of the Gospel) regions of Kenya. It is in that region, in the village of Logo-Logo, serves our graduate Joshua Bule.

We have been making hot meals for street kids in Kenyan city of Kisumu for 6 months. A local man named Zadok helps us at this ministry. Zadok is one of the first graduates of the “Transforming Africa” missionary school. Nowadays he is in charge of “Street Kids” ministry.

Jenifa came to us when she was 12 years old, together with her younger brother William, in 2016. A couple of weeks before she came to us, she was raped by a man from another village. About this we got to know when she has already lived some time in the orphanage. These memories are very painful for her, and she does not like to talk about it.

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